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Natural Wedding Makeup Look 2012 / 13 | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Natural Wedding Makeup Look 2012 / 13 | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Natural Wedding Makeup Look 2012 / 13

We ve suggested some models of Natirel  bridal mand we think that it didn’t seem enough for you so we would like to continue with some other examplesin order for you to have where to choose from. Thesemakeup tips that we offer to you can be presented to the person who is going to take care of you in yourspecial day and maybe these will consist a starting pointin your wonderful look.
We start with a makeup style that will definitely seem interesting for you and we’re sure that it’s going to seem really great looking and in perfect coordination with the dress that you’re wearing. As a matter of fact, all of these models are suitable for the dress that you’re going to wear in that special day. This one is natural, but it involves the usage of a lot of makeup products.Start with applying makeup foundation on your skin, a tone that is very similar with that of the natural skin tone that you have.
The next step consists in applying illuminator in the central part of the face and on the forehead in order to offer you luminosity and a touch of freshness. We continue with the blush, which is very important and that has a peachy tone, use it in a slight manner as well.The eyes should be highlighted with the help of a bright eye shadow and use it in the interior corner of your eyes as well as underneath the eyebrows.
The peachy tone should be applied underneath the arcade and make it similar to that which you use in the blush. End up with highlighting your lips with the help of a pink gloss, which does n’t have shimmer in it it’s only meant to make it luscious.Here’s how we continue with another great looking model of bridal makeup that will definitely seem interesting to you.
This one is a perfect mixture of smoky eyes with voluptuous lips and a light color on your skin.So, you know the basic steps, which involve the usage of the makeup foundation that definitely has to be in the same texture and color with your skin. Add blush in your cheeks that has a pink tone and that will make you look fresh andreally sexy in the same 

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