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Home Made Eye Mask | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Home Made Eye Mask | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Home Made Eye Mask

Eye puffiness and dark circles can be some the most common yet embarrassing and annoying problems many people suffer with.Although they are aesthetically unpleasant dark circles are medically nothing to be concerned with. Heredity, allergies, and certain medications are known to cause these heavy tired looking eyes.The holistic world offers many solutions to treat symptoms of puffiness, irritation and dark circles. Thai Homemade herbal eye mask compress is a great way to reduce general inflammation and swelling around the eyes. Its unique blend of common Thai herbs provided in Homemade herbal eye mask are having anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-pyretic properties.
A more traditional way to remove puffiness around the eyes is to make your own Homemade herbal eye mask or poultice. This involves a little more work but can be just as effective. First, grate cucumber and squeeze out the excess juice into a bowl. Add the same amount of water and a couple drops of rose essential oil. Cool in fridge. Dip a soft cotton cloth into the bowl to absorb the tonic. Wring out gently over the bowl. Place cotton cloth with herbs over the eyes, lay back and relax. This tonic will gently draw out the toxin build up around your eyes making you look and feel yourself again.
Prepare poultice for Homemade herbal eye mask:


clean cotton cloth, gauze, or cheesecloth, spare wool or flannel fabric, dried herbs of choice (see Top 10 list for suggestions), cellophane , gauze wrap/tape, heating unit (stove or microwave), freezer bag, heat source (microwave rice bag, electric heat pad, and hot water bottle).
1: Clean effected area
2: Cut piece of gauze or cheesecloth that will cover the area to be treated
3: Heat dried herbs in water either on the stove in saucepan or in microwave in bowl of water
4: Squeeze moisture out of herbs and place on material
5: If herbs can be applied directly to skin, apply poultice on area, herb side down and proceed to step
6. If you can not apply herbs directly to skin (see contraindications), wrap material up using gauze tape into a pouch, creating a flat surface to place over the area.
7: Apply to affected area
8: Wrap poultice in cellophane
9: Cover with flannel or wool material (this keeps in the warmth)
10: Cover wrap with heat source (optional)
11: Leave on for up to 1- 24 hours

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