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Hazards of Passive Smoking | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Hazards of Passive Smoking | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Hazards of Passive Smoking

As per one of its kind study, it has been revealed that more than 60,000 people lose their lives due to passive smoking. The first global study has advised first hand smokers that they should be careful while lighting cigarette.If you happen to be a chain smoker, you are sowing seeds of ill health not only within you but also in your near and dear ones. Passive smoking is equally hazardous to health. Eye irritation,headache, cough,sore throat,dizziness andnausea are but a few of the immediate health problems caused by passive smoking.
If a person already suffering from one or other respiratory ailment is exposed to cigarette smoke, he is being brutally deprived of his breathing air.The normal functioning of the lungs is seriously hindered by cigarette smoke. The hazardous effect of passive smoking is revealed by the finding that half an hour exposure to tobacco smoke can result in decreased coronary blood flow.
Non-smokers, who are exposed to Hazards of smoking at home, are more prone to heart ailments and lung cancer. In children, passive smoking leads to cot death, middle ear disease and asthmatic attacks. Inhalation of passive smoke by individuals who have suffered from some or other respiratory diseases earlier, result in acute irritations in the  upper and lower respiratory tracts. Studies indicate that the risk of developing lung cancer is linked directly to the number of cigarettes smoked.
In case of young children with developing lungs, constant exposure to passive smoke might lead to pneumonia and bronchitis. Their lungs are likely to function less effectively and might develop phlegm and sneeze constantly.A person who breathes in tobacco smoke continuously for a longer period is at a greater risk for myocardial infarction (heart attack). Tobacco smoke is a complex mixture that contains several thousands of harmful chemical compounds.
These include sticky solids, gases such as carbon monoxide, and volatiles. Among them, the most harmful element is the smoke that contains nicotine, the addictive drug. Cigarette smoke is found to contain a minimum of forty carcinogens. Smoking cigarettes results in the increased development of atherosclerotic lesions in the walls of the arteries.

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