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Finger Nails Affecting | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Finger Nails Affecting | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Finger Nails Affecting

Fingernails are one part of your body that speaks volumes about your health and lifestyle.Normally,healthy fingernails get curved gently on both sides. If you happen to notice your nails losing their normal curvature and becoming flat, it is high time your checked your blood iron level.Protein deficiency can also make your nails flat. People suffering from chronic diabetes and psoriasis also suffer from this irregularity.
nail curving down over the tips along with a blunt end is considered as an indicator of coronary ill health.Fragile and brittle nails point to nutritional deficiency. In such a case, it is advisable to include natural sources of vitamin C, vitamin B, iron and zinc in your diet. Poor blood circulation within the body can also make your fingernails split towards the ends. It is harmful to nails if your hands are constantly in contact with detergent filled water. If you cannot avoid detergent contact, it is advisable to wear good quality rubber gloves.
Thin nails indicate that your diet lacks in sulphur containing amino acids. In some people, puss gets collected in the tissues that surround the nails. This painful disorder is medically termed as Whitlows (Paronychia). The first aid to be given to nails suffering from this ailment is hot water treatment. The infected nails should be allowed to be soaked in hot water twice or thrice a day for about one hour each time.
However, it is advisable to consult the doctor at the earliest in order to get the puss drained off.The disorder characterized by sin hanging aground the sides of the nails is termed as hangnail. Hangnails get worsened during cold weather conditions when the skin is likely to be cracked.

Biting Nails.

This disorder is found to be more common among those people who are used to biting nails. As the exposed skin is likely to breed bacteria, hangnails should be prevented from developing into infections characterized by painful sores and swollen fingertips.

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