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How To Perfect Blush | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

How To Perfect Blush | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

How To Perfect Blush

Nothing, perhaps, looks more beautiful than a woman whose face is flushed with excitement. Blushing gives her face an instant, natural glow.
One does not need a facelift to achieve that instant, natural glow. There are many Blushes out there that can do the trick as well. And they come in different kinds, hues, and consistencies.
There are blushes in powder form, some in cream form, and others in gel form. Powder Blushes are the most common and they often work best for all skin types. It is particularly effective on oily skin or a combination of oily and normal skin. They are very easy to use, and they blend rather extremely well. To apply this type of blush, a full brush is needed. The full brush is dipped into the powder blush. The blush is applied by brushing down the area to be blushed on. A sponge is then used to soften the edges and make the overall effect look natural.
Another type of blush is the cream blushThe cream Blush is recommended for dry and sensitive skin. It is not particularly good for oily skin, especially for skin that has many pores and skin breakouts. One does not need a full brush for this type of Blush. It may be applied using the tips of the 2nd and middle fingers. A sponge may also be used, but usually, a sponge is more effectively used to smoothen the blush. A negative observation regarding this type of blush, however, is its tendency to smear. Another drawback when using cream blush is that it cannot blend well with foundation. There is, in fact, a possibility of it wiping off the foundation.
Blushes that come in gel form are hardest to blend. Like cream blushes, gel blushes also have a tendency to smudge.

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