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Lip care Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Lip care Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Lip care Tips

Home remedies like, honey, shea butter or ghee can help immensely to retain the moisture levels of the lips to prevent dryness and chapping. Find out some more home remedies, as well as the basics of lip care in this article.Beautiful, nice lips are every woman’s pride and sensual lure for men. Moreover, they are covered with extremely sensitive epidermis, that is why it is necessary to look after them properly and moisturize them. Knowing how the proper lips care should look like, we will secure our lips for not only healthy, but also young and seductive look, regardless of age.
Lip care doesn’t consist of a single precaution, but a set of activities that require to be performed on a continuous basis to get fruitful results. Luscious lips make the perfect mood for romance and hence, to reduce the distance between you and your partner, you should spend regular time caring your lips. Regular care makes them looking fresh and healthy. Bootylicious lips also get you opportunity to stand out in the crowd as they bring person in the public eye.
It is important to learn that lips have only 3-5 layers of skin cells as compared to 15 that are there on rest of the body. So one should need to take care of the lips and defend them, much more as compared to rest of the body. Basically, protecting your lips against the environs just like you will protect the skin with moisturizer and sunscreen is advisable. It could be a good thought; nevertheless, one has to avoid regular using of lip-balms that contain petroleum since they could be addictive. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the balms those are herbal or natural and non-petroleum based.
it is important to protect the lips from the harsh weather environments. Eating plenty of green vegetables and fruits is good way to achieve healthy lips. Engluting on the foods those are full of Vitamins is advisable. You should also increase your intake of plain water since it flushes out the bodily toxins.
In addition, apply lip balm (remember – not petroleum based) to keep your lips from dryness. Lips look luscious and mesmerizing only if they are healthy, not dry and in shape. You should take care of lips so that they never become dry since applying makeup on dry and cracked dark lips won’t make them looking attractive.
Let us see one simple exercise that can help you taking lip care
Without clenching the teeth, hold your lips together. Now put the tip of the index finger in between upper and lower lips then press lips together and imagine your finger as a stick that is getting crushed. Step-by-step, you should pull out the finger from between the lips as seeing the stick and draw the energy point out. Simultaneously, lengthen the imaginary stick till you feel the burn. Pulse the finger up and down quickly with a count of thirty.

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