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Grooming Tips For Men Best Looking | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Grooming Tips For Men Best Looking | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Grooming Tips For Men Best Looking

There are styling tips galore for women all over the internet and in dozens of magazines, but what about our sexy men? Let’s take a look at what is hot for2013 in mens hair styling tips and mens groomingtips.There are hairstyles that come and go and some we hope never to see again, hint; the Mullet; however, there are some looks that are hot for this season and some ways to rock them.
A cross between the pompadour, a Mohawk, and the 50’s flattop, the quiff has been sported by David “be still my heart” Beckham, Zac Effron, and of course Elvis and Jonny Cash, the Quiff is the big daddy of male hairstyles. With a variety of lengths, shapes and sizes the sides stay a little shorter, being slicked back or closely cropped. The top is left long and worn off the forehead and slightly to the side. Some attitude, self-confidence, and good amount of extra hold hair product will help rock this style.
The Brit-rock style cut that is a somewhat disheveled, men’s haircut is unbelievably easy to care for. Just brush the hair forward and let it dry. Then apply a small amount of hair hold product and you are ready to impress the ladies.
When you think of “Mad Men” and Don Draper this style comes to mind as does sex appeal and a look that tells the world you are ready to conquer all. Put a slight dab of a pomade in your wet hair, part to your preferred side and give it a slight wave as you comb up and out.Mens grooming tips include keeping the fingernails clean and well maintained. Believe me guys, your lady loves the look of strong clean hands.
A manicure is not just for women and in fact a pedicure will do wonders for the look of your toes as well as feels so good too. Eyebrows are not just for women either. Trim those wiry strays, and while you are at it, get rid of those nose hairs.

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