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Nose Bleeding Causes And Remedy | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Nose Bleeding Causes And Remedy | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Nose Bleeding Causes And Remedy

Bleeding Nose is a complex problem, which could be due to a lot of reasons ranging from a small injury of nose to hypertension. The medical term for bleeding nose is Epistaxis. Nose bleeding happens to be a common ailment, particularly among children. The nose lining has tiny blood vessels, which bleed easily.

Nose bleeding reasons or cause of Epistaxis, What causes constant nose bleeding?

Nose bleeding reasons or cause of Epistaxis in young people is quite complex but it primarily occurs due to injury of the nose. This occurs more in young people in summer then in winters. In older people, high blood pressure could cause Epistaxis especially if the diastolic pressure is above 110mm/hg. Exposure to high heat such as summer sun or fire could also cause the bleeding nose.

Home remedies for Bleeding nose

Home remedies for Bleeding nose includes:
The patient should get his head and face washed with cold water.
Icepacks could also be applied around the nose area externally.
Avoid putting pressure on the nose and sneezing too.
If the patient has high blood pressure then a immediate medical attention is required.
Juice of pomegranate flower should be deep inhaled in this condition
Pinch the nose at the bridge just below the bone. Do not lie down or push your head back as the blood will flow through the throat into the stomach and make you feel sick. Hold the pinch for about 3 minutes, till the bleeding stops. Avoid blowing the nose. This would end up blowing the clot and the bleeding will begin.
Apple cider vinegar is also very good for stopping the bleeding. It prevents loss of blood. Wet a small cotton ball in some apple cider vinegar and then place it in the nostril. The vinegar helps the blood in congealing.
Place a drop of lemon juice in the nostril. Place a wet towel on one’s head. It will prevent the nose from bleeding.
Every time one breathes, the nose ensures that the air reaching the lungs is well humidified. In case the surroundings are dry, it is good to place an air humidifier so that the nose need not work more harder.
One can prepare goldenseal tea. Take a teaspoonful of it and boil it in pint of water. Steep it and then let it settle. When cold, snuff some of it inside the nostrils.
Saline water is very useful in treating nose bleeding. Put a pinch of salt in half a glass of water and then spray inside the nose.
Equal parts of red sandalwood (Rakta Chandan), Nagakesara and liquorice and fine powder it. Mix 2-3 pinches in glass of milk and have it.
Before one begins to stop the bleeding it is good to blow the nose once. This way the clot gets blown out allowing the blood vessel in the nose lining to remain open.
One can place a wet towel on one’s head.

Why does nose bleeding occur?

Rupturing of small vessels.
Nasal drying.
Nose picking.
Mucous membrane infection.
Inherited problems of bleeding.
Flu or cold.
Blowing your nose very hard.
Alcohol abuse.
High blood pressure.
High altitude.
Too much use of cocaine.
Excessive usage of decongestants.
Strep throat.
Stuffy or blocked nose.
Nasal congestion.

Symptoms of nose bleeding Primary symptoms of nose bleeding are

Bleeding is there in the front part of your nose, which can be stopped very easily.
Frequent swallowing.
Trauma or perhaps confusion about bleeding.

Prevention of nose bleeding

Place KY at a distance of 0.5 inches inside the nose using a Q-tip. This needs to be done 2 to 4 times in day.
One can place a humidifier in one’s house.

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