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Chewing Gums is Good | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Chewing Gums is Good | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Chewing Gums is Good

Chewing gumshave become an indispensable part of daily life. Some of us are so addicted to thehabit of chewing gums that they need to chew it to get that ‘feel full’ after meals. True, chewing sugar-free gum helps in saving you frombad breath. Butchewing gumsdaily for extended periods of time is found to have reported disadvantages.Naturally, after a heavy meal, our intestines and stomach do requite some time to rest. By chewing gums, we are actually denying them the ‘right to rest’ and make them thoroughly exhausted.  It is found that constant chewing of gums makes a person prone to stomach burns, ulcers and different types of cancers.
Chewing gum results in the formation of unnecessary wear and tear of the jaw cartilages. Once damaged, this area that acts as an effective shock absorber can not be completely repaired and will lead to create pain and discomfort through out the lifetime.Unnecessary chewing leads to severe tightness in two of the eight facial muscles that we use for chewing.  This leads to increased pressure on the nerves that supply blood to the temples and ultimately results in intermittent headaches.Your salivary glands are required to produce a steady stream of saliva for chewing the gum.
It is indeed a tremendous waste of energy that could otherwise be effectively used for essential metabolic activities.Long term use of the gum sweetener, aspartame, is associated with the development of ailments such as cancer, diabetes, and certain neurological disorders.
If  not by aspartame, your chewing gum is most likely to be sweetened by sugar. Sugar is considered as the major culprit behind chronic health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and emotional disorders. So, next time as you buy your chewing gum, do remember about the price that your body is forced to pay for it.

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